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Our lotion rugs are getting a little pasting using a toddler and a teenager – the apartment ‘s on the market so I’ve needed to get them washed twice in the last 12 months. I’m thinking it might be well worth getting a carpet cleaner. It would be useful if it engineered hardwood floors too.

I went halves on a Vax cleaner a year ago (about 200) with my MIL because she’s obsessed with wash carpets. I’m not obsessed but have cream rugs, a preschooler and two major dogs who never wash their feet.

The vax is excellent, cleans dirt and stains well. The one thing about having cleaned the rugs is that they do appear to get dirty faster than ever before, almost as though there was a dirt-repellent coating onto the rugs that I’ve cleaned off?

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Hm, will avoid that one then lottieloulou!

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In all honesty, I’d devote a couple of hundred for something which worked. Bissell is a create which ‘s been advocated but I had been hoping someone could have one and give it the thumbs up.

I’d a Vax hoover which was complete rubbish and also weighed a tonne.

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Yes, I had been considering that, it gets rave reviews. It appears awfully big to store though.

We’ve obtained a bissell I believe it’s called odor something, maybe odor ace. We now obtained a reconditioned model from their website that has been half the price of new. It’s ‘s a that best purchase and pretty good but doesn’t get rid of old spots (we moved house and hoped it be better compared to the prestained carpeting than it was)

I’ve obtained the 200 Vax and it’s fab -only cleaned the rugs and staircase in a 3 bed house now and was very pleased with the outcomes.

I’ve a Vax Rapide Ultra (I believe I paid approximately 150-ish for it on line ) and it’s brilliant. It’s a great attachment which works nicely on selecting up spills and cleaning the staircase. It’s easy to construct and vacant the dispensers (in comparison with previous carpet washers I’ve had)

It’s much, much better than the $$ cleaner I had when I lived in the States–a Hoover SteamVac. The buggery item never functioned whatsoever.

I’ve needed a Bissell AromaPro for a couple of years now, to keep our lotion carpets in check. Easy to use, good at sucking the water back up so that the carpets dry fairly quickly. Does a nice job.

Thanks for all of your posts. Onlyaphase is this one? I’m glad it’s good on spots, DS has only managed to dislodge an entire load of rubble from the chimney.

I’ve obtained a bissel pro-heat 2x and it’s fantastic; leaves the rugs look new.

Most rugs are Scotch-Guard’erectile dysfunction for security, but many of the fluids sold for steam-cleaners have this inside them. Clean this carpet It might only be a perception anyhow – with obtained them sparkling again, your eyes kind of in on the least speck.

This is the one I have. I’ve lotion rugs, two labradors and a child who eats and drinks in the living room. I’m content for this Vax.

Hi there, I have only purchased a Bissell Alrounder that may also be utilized for vacuum cleaning. It’s a cylinder vac and can be a bit on the heavy side, although nothing I can’t handle – flexes biceps. I’ve just washed my filthy, beige carpet and it’s done a wonderful job. It’s the proheat type of machine, so it heats up tap water till it’s pretty hot – that is optional you might use warm or cold tap water though. I followed the instructions, didn’t even overwet and sooked up all of the surplus water and the carpet felt nearly dry yesterday evening – I shampooed it yesterday afternoon. I have also needed a canister vax and canister Hoover carpet cleaners and also this cleaner does a much better job of cleaning and of drying out the carpet later. The Bissell cleaning fluid includes scotchguard, not certain if this will really make a difference, however, we will certainly challenge it into our click for more info house. I was mostly doing stains that were bad, rather than the whole carpet, didn’t need to have too much moist carpet once the weather is really moist.

This ‘s intriguing rowing it’d be much easier to save than an upright. I’m only concerned because there are enormous spots in DS’s area from the chimney soot. I could buy more costly Bissel liquid then.

Mama the equipment I purchased had a couple of bottles using it, one for hard floors and one for carpeting. It does upholstery too, which would be a bit dange having an erect. Can you imagine?! While I have completed the carpets the package is adjacent.

Because rowing, I believe I’ll get one of these asap. A Severn Bridge scenario within this house.

Oh that sounds beautiful, you should just leave it and paint the river beneath.

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