"Learn how to Connect to the Quran using the New ​4 Step Simple Method​, remove the Language barrier and start understanding Quran ​Fast & Easy Part Time"


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Exclusive Training with Abdul Shahid Founder of Alfatiha Institute for Quran & Arabic Studies, and Life Mastery.

Here's what you'll discover in this Training

What you're about to learn in this training is a New Way of understanding the Quran that will change your relationship to the Quran. It's nothing like the regular 'Arabic for Quran' methods you've seen before..

​In this training you'll learn how the 4 Stage method of Understanding Quran will re-connect you to the Quran in the shortest period of time, where you feel more focus in your salah, where you feel like you actually connect to Allah through your Worship.

You'll learn how to do this without having to change your life, without having to give up your job to travel abroad and how others have succeeded in understanding the guidance in the Quran while still being in full time work, or being full time parents and even during final year at university.

Here's a glimps into some of the things you'll learn:

  • How you can use the 4D I.L.M to leverage the time, effort and skill you gain in just 20 Days to put you on track to Speak, read and understand the Devine language of Quran insha'Allah, NO exaggerations, No False Hope,  NO too difficult..
  • How to use this method to Simplify the whole learning process so as to leverage minimum time to get maximum results, so you can start to enjoy the pleasures of a more focused prayer
  • How to reset your mindset for success using the most Powerful Solution given to humanity by Allah swt in the Quran. This will help you really feel like your life's on track for the best outcomes.
  • How you can use the 4D method to understand the Quran without drowning yourself in Grammar studies, so never gain will you feel like understanding the Quran is too difficult.
  • How you can get the results, where you feel connected to the Quran, where you enjoy reading it and look forward to it.
  • and much much more insha'Allah....
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